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PhixFlow version 7.0 released

PhixFlow Ltd are pleased to announce the release of version 7.0 of their configurable business application platform, PhixFlow. From this version onwards the platform is branded PhixFlow to bring it into alignment with the company name. It includes the first step in the re-write of the user interface with all the end-user features being rewritten using the React javascript library to provide a fast, clean, flexible and modern look and feel. This innovation also enables PhixFlow to run on mobile devices quickly and simply.

React, a technology developed and sponsored by Facebook, provides a rich environment for building the latest generation of user interfaces. With the core system proven in use by many companies, PhixFlow has taken and enhanced this capability to provide a class-leading user experience.

The new user interface not only enhances the user experience but provides the configuration teams with the option of creating a UI to run PhixFlow on mobile devices. This is as simple as configuring a format-specific UI allowing customers to extend core office functionality to remote users.

PhixFlow provides a single, integrated, platform to manage the data access, security, data processing and visual environment. With a drag and drop configuration system for building most systems, backed up by the ability to implement complex elements using Excel-like expressions and SQL, the development team is freed up to rapidly configure and deploy applications.

Existing users will be pleased to hear that the new UI provides far richer features for browsing data. Data grids now support quick filters, fixed columns and column grouping i.e. merged column headings with subheadings. Cell formatting, similar to that on spreadsheets, is also now supported on data grids. This new capability includes conditional formatting e.g. bold, red text on a yellow background if the cell value > another cell value (or any other condition).

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