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PhixFlow version 7.1 released

PhixFlow Ltd are pleased to announce the release of version 7.1 of their configurable business application platform. PhixFlow 7.1 includes enhanced form design with a rich, drag and drop toolbox. The form designer allows configurable styling for all form objects to set their size, font, colour, etc.

When designing and configuring the user interface “toolbox tips” can be attached to form objects to provide “in use” user-specific help to further enhance the usability of the designed applications.

With the provision of free text boxes, tabs and buttons the ability to create endlessly flexible user interfaces and application designs has taken another great step forward. Whether you are building a case management tool, a consolidated information application pulling together information from a CRM, order management and logistics system or a revenue assurance tool you can quickly and simply create an application that exactly matches your team needs and company branding.

To further enhance system back up, offline changes and application roll out Phixflow has implemented fast, whole-system configuration export/import. A configuration team can quickly and simply make an offline copy for back up or to make application changes. Once complete, the updated system can swiftly and simply be moved to live.

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