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CenterView Solutions Ltd rebranding as PhixFlow

PhixFlow rebrands

CenterView Solutions Ltd today announced that they have rebranded as “PhixFlow”. The new name reflects the use of the platform by their customers to fix data and automate business processes in both office and mobile environments.

Building on an excellent reputation for replacing manual processes reliant on using spreadsheets and desktop databases, CenterView Solutions Ltd is rebranding both company and product as “PhixFlow”. PhixFlow is a configurable platform for automating office tasks, fixing data problems and extending business processes to mobile devices.

Drag and drop configuration enables PhixFlow to read, analyse and update data from any source. This ability together with configurable forms and action menus enable users to rapidly put in place new business applications which leverage the functionality of both legacy and external systems. In the latest release, the configured applications can run natively on smartphones and tablets making this an extraordinarily fast way to rollout interactive business processes to both office and mobile teams.

Through attracting a world class development and consulting team we have created a platform which has proven capable of solving data and process challenges at the heart of the largest of companies. Our clear goal is to now take this out to the wider market.

Andy Humphries, PhixFlow’s COO

With an impressive portfolio of customers already using the software platform, Tesco, Virgin Media, TalkTalk and Bupa Home Healthcare among them, PhixFlow is well positioned to accelerate the doubling in size it has achieved in the last few years.


PhixFlow solutions put you in control by letting you design applications to fit your processes.

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