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PhixFlow version 7.8 released

PhixFlow Ltd are pleased to announce the release of version 7.8.0 of their configurable business application platform, PhixFlow. This version includes integration with single sign-on systems and features that make life easier for application developers.

Configure single-sign on for PhixFlow users
Administrators have a lot of flexibility when configuring user access to the applications, models and features in PhixFlow. This is important in organisations that need fine control over who can see and change data. However, users expect to log in to the system once, but to access applications they need to use. Administrators can now set up Phixflow to use a single sign-on system, such as Windows Federation Services server. PhixFlow uses the SAML 2.0 protocol, which matches the names of users or groups in the authentication system to matching names in PhixFlow.

Your administrator can also define multiple login forms for different user groups. For example you may want to have:

  • a simple login screen for standard users who only need single sign-on
  • a screen for advanced users that provides additional login options.

For anyone logging into PhixFlow, that single sign-on change means you no longer have to remember a separate PhixFlow password.

Simplifying the application development process
PhixFlow applications are often used out in the field, so it's important your app looks great on mobile devices as well as on desktop screens. You can now design different menus and make them the default for either desktop display or to appear on phones or tablets.

Developing an application involves switching between your application (App Mode) and the underlying models (Design Mode).  For example you need to switch:

  1. from App Mode into Design Mode to update a model to get a menu option or button to behave in a certain way then back to app mode to test it.
  2. from App Mode to Design Mode to access the option to save and export a configuration.

To make your job easier, Phixflow can now:

  1. run a menu or button from Design Mode so you can test the change
  2. provide the import/export menu options available in App Mode. 

In addition, you can now copy or export individual styles, not just as part of a package or application. By (effectively) copying styles, you can achieve a standard look-and-feel across multiple applications.

More flexible actions
Rather than having a single background rule for an action on a dashboard, you now have the flexibility to set up multiple rules. Other things you can now do with an action:

  1. Set your dashboard to refresh with the latest data when it opens.
  2. For contexts where users will be entering data, PhixFlow can clear all the dashboard fields  before a user starts to enter data.
  3. Add a button so that a user can run an action for a specific data records (stream view attributes).
  4. Configure an action to run only once another action causes the view to refresh. This can improve the responsiveness of an application where actions affect large amounts of data.

For more details about the changes in this release, see the PhixFlow Help > Release Notes.


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