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PhixFlow version 7.9 released

PhixFlow Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of their configurable business application platform, PhixFlow. This release provides even better usability, a more responsive interface and quicker performance when running analysis. 

Dynamic Formatting
For applications, you can now use expressions and formatting to vary the appearance of components. For example, you can set buttons to be greyed-out when they need to be read-only. You can also make the appearance of action icons change depending on data values. For example, if a value is below a threshold, making that action inappropriate, you can hide the icon.

Case-sensitive Filtering
In previous releases, PhixFlow could only inherit its case-matching behaviour from its underlying database. For SQL Server databases, PhixFlow filters were, and still are, always case-insensitive. However, for other databases (Oracle and MariaDB) PhixFlow searches were case-sensitive by default. This release introduces the ability to apply a filter so that it matches strings regardless of their capitalisation. You can select this on an attribute (data column) or when you create the filter.

Further Performance Improvements
Under-the-hood changes means you will find that PhixFlow remains responsive even when you are editing large and complex analysis models that contain many modelling objects. Another handy feature for large models are the zoom buttons in the model toolbar. Actions on large data sets should now run more even more quickly - as should running analysis on models.

For more details about the changes in this release, see the PhixFlow Help > Release Notes.


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