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PhixFlow version 8.0 Released

PhixFlow Ltd is pleased to announce the release of version 8.0.0 of their configurable business application platform, PhixFlow. This release focuses on improving reuse, palettes, messages and responsive design in application building.

Reuse actions easily
In a PhixFlow application, a user interaction triggers an action. Two changes make it much easier to reuse actions in version 8.0.0.

  1. You can create standalone actions that do not belong to any stream.
    In previous versions of PhixFlow, all actions had to belong to a stream. However, actions are not always related to data in a stream. For example, an action can open a dashboard or load a file. For these actions, you no longer need to use the workaround of creating a dummy stream to hold the actions.
  2.  You can map different dashboard elements, such as grids or forms, to one action.
    In previous versions, to connect the same action to buttons on different dashboards, the dashboard elements had to have the same name.  Now you can add a map to the action, linking it to dashboards elements with different names.

Improvements to Palettes
One of the PhixFlow tools that helps you to design an application quickly and easily is the palette. This is where you store fully-configured designs for components of a screen, such as tabs, form areas, fields and buttons. A palette icon on the task bar means it is even easier to open the palette, and it now lists all of the available component sets in one place. This makes it easy to switch between different palettes. For a consistent look and feel, you can set a default palette for each application. 

When creating a palette, you can select multiple components and drag them onto the palette at the same time.

Add Your Own Branding
You can now load images into PhixFlow. This gives you more control over the look-and-feel of your applications. For example you can add your own icons to an application. You can also use images as backgrounds or to add logos to configure your own company or project branding.

More options to communicate with application users 
In addition to providing confirmation messages to users when an action is complete, you can display a progress message as the action runs. You can control how long PhixFlow displays the message. You can also set a timeout on notification pop-ups, so users no longer need to click on them to close them. For all messages you can now apply formatting to the text and even add variables, using an expression.

You can also add placeholder text to fields on forms, to provide a tip to application users on what to enter.

Responsive Design
New options give you more control over the way components flex as the application screen size varies, including the proportion of space to allocate to different parts of a screen, and how they expand or wrap as the available space changes.

In tables of data, you can apply formatting to different rows, for example to show alternate the background colour on data rows.

You can also create links using values from the data available, for example on a form. 

For more details about the changes in this release, see the PhixFlow Help > Release Notes.


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