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Mobile Apps

Your data with you, anywhere

Your business operates both in the office and outside of the office. PhixFlow enables you to mobilise your office functions and put them where they are needed - in the hands of your employees, wherever they are.


Many of your business functions will take place in the office and you already know that PhixFlow gives you the ability to design those workflows to operate exactly as you need them to, e.g.:

  • To read data from any source
  • To process, enrich and blend that data
  • To provide interactive user screens which take user input
  • To responds to user actions via a menu system
  • To update target systems based on user decisions

However, PhixFlow also enables you to design interactive screens for use directly by your mobile workforce, on their tablets and smartphones, at the time and place that the business function is carried out.

The applications you design are responsive i.e. the apps are not static but change dependent upon user input and on the data held in your back-office systems.

Timely access to the latest data both in and out of the office

PhixFlow can provide your mobile workforce with the most accurate, up-to-date data at the point of service delivery and at the same time, provide your in-office staff with the most up-to-date information on what is happening in the field.

  • Mobile staff can quickly see the information that you give them access to e.g. lists of tasks and the associated details
  • Staff can confirm when jobs are done with a simple button press on their mobile device.
  • Back office systems are updated directly and immediately giving everyone an up-to-date view of the business.
  • Configured workflows may guide staff to other tasks based on the actions already recorded and based on the latest data from the office.
  • No time is lost and no errors are made having to rekey in data collected by your roaming workforce


The following are just some examples of how you could configure your own apps to mobilise your business.

Give homecare nurses up-to-date information on the patients to visit.

Configure screens which show nurses the details of the patient they need to visit next along with the treatment and drugs to administer. Just by pressing confirmation buttons the nurse can record arrival and departure times, confirm the the treatment given and any additional notes. Admin is kept to a minimum so that more time is available for care.

Collect timesheet data as jobs are done

Stay up-to-date with your remote workforce by making it easy to collect timesheet data as soon as jobs done. Configure your own mobile apps to record projects, times, tasks, travel, expenses etc. which immediately update your back office accounting systems.

Create you own on-site survey platform

Create you own forms to be used on tablets to track the status of a project at a remote location e.g. cable laying for new builds, details of a sewage work survey, information on roadwork inspections etc. all is configurable to anything is possible.

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