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Data management

PhixFlow allows you to connect and analyse data from any source
Using pre-built connectors and simple configuration for spreadsheets, databases, emails, texts, web-services, web-pages, text and binary files, etc. PhixFlow can connect all your data sources. With PhixFlow’s advanced analytic functions and the capability to identify and fix data quality challenges your teams will gain greater insight into your company’s operations than ever before.

The problem

Does your organisation have data stored in multiple locations and struggle to link this for operational teams use, or struggle with data quality issues requiring lots of manual intervention to correct? Do you need to build data analytics into your workflows and business operations?

Disconnected data
Data volumes, velocities and complexities are continuing to grow leading to data silo’s and challenges in providing consolidated data to the business teams
Data quality
Data quality issues accumulate; not managing them or managing them through manual intervention with no automatic error correction is costly and libel to error
Poor data insight
Not having data analytics built into the heart of applications makes process improvements, root cause analysis and intelligence led planning extremely different
Over reliance on spreadsheets
Spreadsheets are not scalable or secure and knowledge becomes locked in the hands of a small number of employees. There is significant risk when critical business processes rely on their operation

The solution

Using a combination of pre-built connectors and simple, drag and drop configuration, connect all your data sources, analyse and reconcile your data, automatically correct data quality issues and enable your operational teams to make intelligence led decisions based on a clear, unified view of data from across all IT systems.

Integration & consolidation of multiple data silo's
Through simple configuration connect and reconcile all your data sources providing an accurate, consolidated view of data from across the business
Automatic fixing of data quality issues
Identify data quality issues automatically and correct them without human intervention or present exceptions to your teams with defined workflows to guide decisions
In-built data analytics
Make use of PhixFlow’s extensive library of analytic functions or write your own to uncover deep insights into your data and guide decisions


Data integration and quality is improved using business rules to automatically detect errors and to correct them, highlighting the need for human intervention where needed. Using advanced analytics and rules-based investigations greater insight into the data is created allowing for intelligence led decisions to be made.

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Consolidated Data

Integrated data sources allowing all team members to see the complete picture

Data Quality

Data errors eliminated ensuring accurate decisions and actions are taken

Data Analytics

A deep understanding of the data is gained providing teams with accurate insight

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