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Find and fix data problems

Constant monitoring of your data and automatic fixes

Data problems are everywhere

Data issues can lead to unhappy customers, demotivated staff and ultimately to lost revenue and increased costs. Days and weeks can be lost to tracking down these issues, and that’s before you’ve even tried to solve them.

PhixFlow can be configured to find data inaccuracies, before they become a problem—and fix them automatically for you. For instance:

  • Mismatches between systems (e.g. data in a customer care system not matching data in a billing system so the customer is billed for the wrong services)
  • Duplicate data within a system (e.g. multiple addresses for the same customer)
  • Invalid data values (e.g. incorrect post codes or invalid product codes)
  • Invalid combinations of data (e.g. access to services which are not valid based on a customer’s package)

Data expertise

Need results quickly? Our data experts combine the rapid analytical modelling in PhixFlow with many years’ experience examining and fixing data for businesses. Which means we can identify problems quickly and efficiently—keeping your costs to an absolute minimum.

What’s more, your staff can easily configure PhixFlow to meet the changing needs of your organisation.

Analyse data from any system

Using graphical modelling panes, users define how data is read from any of your source systems: databases, spreadsheets, CSV files, binary files, FTP sites, emails, web sites, web services etc.

Drag and drop analytics together with spreadsheet-like expressions define the rules to enrich, blend, merge and generally transform the data in any way needed to identify problems.

PhixFlow’s ability to track and manage historic data means you can monitor individual problems, check if they’ve been resolved, increase priority and provide details on how long it is taking to resolve a problem.

“Whether you have small or large volumes of data, PhixFlow can handle the analytics, processing hundreds of millions of records in an hour for some of our telecom customers.”

Fix problems automatically with user-defined rules

Once identified, PhixFlow models can be configured to fix the underlying data issue using user-defined rules. In some cases, fixes can be applied automatically without any user involvement. Updates are applied seamlessly to target databases or via web service calls.

Coordinate user efforts to resolve problems

Not all problems can be solved automatically. In these cases you can configure your own application screens to list problem cases and define rules on how these tasks are distributed to your team.

Each user can view individually configured screens and all related data, e.g. customer details, recent orders, payment history, latest web based Yodel delivery information etc.

Finally buttons, menus and forms can be configured to trigger deeper analytics or initiate corrective actions—so that PhixFlow can apply the fixes confirmed by the user.

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