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Bridge the gap between care delivery, staff timesheets and legacy systems

Companies like Bupa Home Healthcare have turned to PhixFlow to help manage increasing costs and regulatory compliance as the task of care delivery becomes more challenging. PhixFlow bridged the gap between, care delivery, staff timesheets and legacy systems in three months


Challenges in the Healthcare Industry

Linking legacy systems, providing integrated, accurate information while maintaining security is a major challenge when budgets are under scrutiny. Like commercial organisations the Healthcare system has increasing pressures to provide more services, within a shorter timeframe with reduced budgets. Being able to bring data in from multiple patient data sources to provide an accurate picture of their healthcare requirements is a much needed capability. With the increase in home healthcare the need to access and update corporate infrastructure in a secure and reliable way is a growing requirement. Integrating with a digital world and supporting an online population presents new challenges to a countries information transparency and data availability.

What can PhixFlow provide?

PhixFlow provides a platform that will enable you to link multiple systems and create custom applications to replace spreadsheets and desktop databases using our drag and drop technology. Re­using existing infrastructure, extending its capability through new linked services and connections to other systems will reduce capital expenditure. As an example, you could provide a patient and their clinicians the ability to seamlessly view, update and record results and extend this to teams in the field as well as those in the main offices. Being able to accurately log activities without resorting to manual processes means less stress on the care teams, better care for the patients and lower overheads.

Legacy systems

Breathe life into your legacy clinical systems with modern, integrated workflow screens configured within the PhixFlow platform.

Monitor Patient Treatment

Track patient progress on care plans. Monitor waiting times and prepare regulatory reports automatically. Send alerts if problems are detected.

Cleanse Patient Data

Automatically check and monitor patient data. Fix issues using secure forms designed specifically for the task with full audit trails.


Give your staff secure, remote access to patient information. Enable field teams to update patient records using custom, mobile applications.

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