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Straight-through timesheet billing


PhixFlow solutions straight-through billing before

The problem with a manual process

Our client had nearly a thousand members of staff filling in timesheets each week. The timesheets were emailed to a dedicated team who over several days checked through every timesheet line and cross-checked the contents against rotas, rules and other customer data. At the end of the month, the corrected timesheet lines were passed to several other teams who extracted the information that they needed to bill, adjusted the data further and finally posted the the data into their accounts system. In summary:

  • The process was very manual and did not scale.
  • The manual processing introduced errors, particularly when key staff went on holiday
  • Billing was delayed several weeks at the end of each month
  • There was no overview of the billing process and revenue was being lost

PhixFlow solutions straight-through billing after

Automating with PhixFlow

Over a period of three months, we replaced the manual processes with a solution that is completely configured in the PhixFlow platform and is almost completely automated. Emailed timesheets are read by PhixFlow which then performs about a hundred different checks to each line. Any exceptions are presented on a screen for a much smaller team to handle or are emailed back to the original member of staff. Each timesheet line is then guided to the correct billing account and priced according to various data attributes and the appropriate tariff. Finally, the priced timesheet data is imported into the accounting system. In summary:

  • is scalable. All timesheets for a month can now be checked in minutes
  • is free of errors. PhixFlow reliably applies the configured rules
  • is documented. All logic and process documentation is held within the PhixFlow platform.
  • is secure: All data is held securely and backed up within PhixFlow instead of spreadsheets
  • enables billing to take place as soon as month-end timesheets have been received
  • provides an overview of the whole billing process: who is late sending in timesheet, who consistently includes errors (enabling targeted training), what are the trends on billable time by category over years and the insights into unbillable time.

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