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Active Subscriber Monitoring

Monitoring users & spotting incorrect service access


A large mobile operator had problems with their network provisioning processes which resulted in subscribers having access to services to which they were not entitled. In addition, there were fraudulent cases of location service subscribers using SIM cards for other services (which had not been blocked in the network). The operator required PhixFlow to monitor active uses of the network and identify cases of services being used which were not permitted according to data held in their Siebel CRM system.


The above PhixFlow model was configured as follows:

  • PhixFlow reads all active subscriber records in Siebel and generates an in-memory store of each subscriber / service combination with start/end times.
  • PhixFlow reads all event data (voice, sms, data, etc.) and checks each record against the in-memory subscriber/service data. Event records with a valid match are discarded but any mismatched records are recorded for further analysis and evidence.
  • The mismatched records are checked against any orders which have not yet been processed through the CRM. Any matches are filtered out of the exceptions.

A dashboard was configured in PhixFlow showing a summary of new and old cases with drill down to the details of each subscriber showing real time CRM and billing system data together with the events that caused the exception.

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