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Switch CDR Reconciliation for Interconnect

Identifying & recovering missed interconnect billing


Our customer, a major UK mobile operator, was unsure whether the bills they were sending to interconnect partners for inbound calls, SMS and MMS events were correct. An independent one-off analysis had shown that there were an unexpectedly high number of events being filtered out by mediation but no detail on why the events were missing. PhixFlow was engaged to create a process that would monitor all events into the mediation system and verify that they are correctly passed into the settlement system. The solution was further extended to rate every event and check the expected settlement invoices with the interconnect partners.


A PhixFlow model was configured to import the same event data that was passed to the mediation platform. This included data from:

  • Nokia MSC (About 15 switch nodes)
  • Logica/CMG SMS (about 4 switch nodes)
  • Huawei SMS (1 switch node)
  • Logica/CMG MMS switches (10 nodes)

Please note that no coding was required to load the proprietary binary and ASN.1 formats. The PhixFlow binary file collectors are driven by XML definitions of the file formats.

In addition, PhixFlow was configured to load the mediation output files which were sent to the interconnect billing systems (Intec).

A PhixFlow model processes the mediation input events using the same (documented) logic as the mediation device and independent copies of the mediation reference tables.

PhixFlow aggregates the processed input and output call data by incoming trunk, five minute buckets and event category. Any differences greater then a configured percentage trigger an automatic event-by-event detailed reconciliation of the problem bucket to highlight calls missing from the interconnect billing stream.


Using PhixFlow, the client realised the following benefits:

Identification and recovery

Missed interconnect billing revenue identified and recovered before bills are issued.

Reduction in delays to reference table updates

PhixFlow highlights mismatches caused by reference table update delays when previously such issues were hidden and operational losses ignored.


Management now have an independent, ongoing validation on the status of their outsourced mediation operation.

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