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Prepay Platform Migration Reconciliation

Throughout verification of data migration processes


Our client (a middle-eastern mobile operator) were migrating their prepay SCP platform to Huawei CPS. However, about two weeks before the start of the planned migration period, their management realised that they had no independent check that the migration was correct and that their existing revenue assurance provider, were unable to put a solution in place within the time available. Based on previous demonstrations of the speed with which we could put analysis models in place, we were contacted as a matter of urgency to provide their revenue assurance team with a migration verification process.


We set up a hosted version of PhixFlow allowing the users to upload subscriber data exported from their legacy SCP (in binary format) and subscriber data exported from their new Huawei CPS (JASON format). Using standard PhixFlow modelling we configured “file collectors” to read this data and for each source constructed information on:

  • Subscriber
  • Subscriber Status
  • Account Balances
  • Services
  • Call Groups

The model was then extended to reconcile the two sets of data and produce a dashboard giving a summary of the total numbers of subscribers processed and a summary of migration success/error statuses. The dashboards (available remotely over the web) also gave the users the ability to drill down into the problem cases and to examine full details of randomly selected subscribers.

One of our staff completed the hosted install, data readers, analysis and dashboarding within the two weeks available and was able to verify the migration. Several dry runs of the migration then took place over a period of three weeks. During this period, minor changes were made to fully automate the PhixFlow process: Reconciliations started as soon as the users had finished uploading the SCP and CPS files and PhixFlow emailed the revenue assurance group with a formatted spreadsheet summarising the result of the reconciliation. This allowed the whole verification process to complete within the 20 minute slot allocated.

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