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Rejected Event Processing

Maximising revenue by reducing non-billable events


A client required a solution to automatically reprocess billable events that had been rejected as a result of invalid system configuration or incorrect order entry. The requirement was that PhixFlow should also be able to automatically “fix” the data to allow for revenues to be maximised.


PhixFlow performs a daily extract of rejected event data from the client’s billing system and reproduces the rating process to determine the exact reason for events being rejected, e.g. missing product/CLI record, missing tariff elements.

PhixFlow was configured to automatically fix issues that caused events to be rejected such as:

  • Notifying the pricing team of missing tariff elements and automatically loading new tariff entries based on new data received back from them.
  • Updating product start dates (according to user defined rules) to cover events received early or late.

PhixFlow was also configured to automatically resubmit rejected events that failed due to errors that had since been resolved.

On the basis of this analysis PhixFlow produced reports and dashboards ranging from high level summaries to detailed, event by event listings to aid further investigations and highlight key issues to senior management.


Using PhixFlow, the client realised the following benefits:

Resolved non-billing of provisioned services

PhixFlow highlighted cases of services being provisioned but not being charged, e.g. CDRs were being rejected and put into suspense for mobile numbers associated to orders that existed in the order entry system but had not been triggered through to the billing system

Improved prioritisation of issues

PhixFlow’s initial findings were used to redefine the business process around the triggering of orders to the billing systems. PhixFlow’s analysis now drives the investigations in this area.

Reduced numbers of non-billable events

Either through automatically fixing and resubmitting events or prioritising the investigation of issues relating to large volumes of rejected events, the number of events that the client was able to charge the customer increased.

Maximised Revenues

During the early life of this model, PhixFlow doubled the revenue that had been previously recovered with a more manual driven process.

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