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What PhixFlow can do for your business

PhixFlow makes it easier for people to work together. Our platform automates your office tasks, eliminates human error and extends your business processes to mobile. The result? Happier customers, brighter teams—and faster growth.

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Replace manual processes

Say so long to multiple spreadsheets and SQL databases. Our failsafe alternative means less time wasted on menial tasks. Just secure, multi-user data processing—with penny-perfect accuracy.

Fast. Efficient. Cost effective.

Get up and running in days. PhixFlow is the fastest, most cost-effective alternative to jumbled standalone tools, or expensive bespoke software that can take months (or even years) to implement.

Find and fix data problems

Call out broken workflows and poor data quality before they become a problem. Our drag and drop platform can swiftly identify issues—then automatically fix them

Streamline your workflows

Work smarter by streamlining endless workflows into one easy-to-use console. PhixFlow helps you optimise your operations with crystal-clear clarity across as many teams and silos as you need.

Empower your teams

Give everyone a bird’s eye view —wherever they are. Our web and smartphone apps make for more informed, efficient and mobile teams with the capability they need to get the job done.

Integrated with your systems

Make use of your existing IT functionality. We integrate with your internal and external IT systems, for 100% IT-compliancy, speedy take-up and zero downtime.

How does PhixFlow work?

Drag and drop functionality allows you to create your own IT-compliant workflows and dashboards. Share with as many teams as you need to—in and out of the office.

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Read and analyse and fix data

Decide how you want to read, write, blend and analyse data from databases, spreadsheets, text and binary files, emails, web pages and web services.

Drag and drop forms and dashboards

Create dashboards showing context sensitive charts and raw data, then configure workflows with linked forms and menus based on your specific needs.

Publish and use your app

Define who has access to your screens and data, then publish and share your application to browser-based screens and our native smartphone apps.

See how it works

A network of forward-thinking businesses.

We work with trusted, best-in-class partners to provide the specialist skills you need.

Combining large, established consultancies and leading boutique specialists, we’re able to fulfil even the most challenging specialist requirement. In fact, we’re always on the lookout for companies that can add value to our customers, so please contact us to discuss joining the program.

Meet our partners

Expert customer support

Our delivery teams are experts in solving data & process problems.

With our combined knowledge of data processing and the powerful PhixFlow platform, we can address data quality issues much faster than pure consultancy and adhoc tooling alone. So you can rely on us to deliver the assistance you need, wherever you need to go.

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