Create innovative applications that streamline efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance in healthcare.

Bridge the gap between, care delivery, staff timesheets and legacy system with custom build applications in PhixFlow.

Solving the challenges associated within the healthcare industry.

Linking legacy systems, providing integrated, accurate information while maintaining security is a major challenge when budgets are under scrutiny. Like commercial organisations the Healthcare system has increasing pressures to provide more services, within a shorter timeframe with reduced budgets. Being able to bring data in from multiple patient data sources to provide an accurate picture of their healthcare requirements is a much needed capability.

With the increase in home healthcare the need to access and update corporate infrastructure in a secure and reliable way is a growing requirement. Integrating with a digital world and supporting an online population presents new challenges to a countries information transparency and data availability.

PhixFlow Low-Code: Your applications on multiple devices

See how our customers use PhixFlow...

Customer care decision support for Tesco

Tesco Direct wanted to give customers requesting order returns and replacements the best possible service. We provided care agents with a data-driven decision support application showing a consolidated view of the status of every customer order.

Contract management application for Centrica

PhixFlow replaced and automated a manual process to transfer contract information from Centrica’s offer managment system through to their billing system. The configured application provided an ongoing 80% reduction in billing errors and a 40% FTE saving.

Replacing Spreadsheet Processes for Virgin Media

Virgin Media needed a tool to support cable laying projects for new homes and businesses. PhixFlow Limited replaced a spreadsheet solution with a secure, multi-user toolset available to end-users anywhere.

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