Advanced data management solutions to identify and fix data quality issues.

Connect all your data sources, analyse and reconcile your data, automatically correct data quality issues and make intelligence led decisions based on a clear, unified view of data from across all IT systems.

improve data management and data quality with PhixFlow

Integration & consolidation of multiple data silos.

Data volumes, velocities and complexities are continuing to grow leading to data silo’s and challenges in providing consolidated data to the business teams.

Re-useable drag-and-drop connectors allow you to connect and reconcile all your data sources providing an accurate, consolidated view of data from across the business.

The PhixFlow Low-Code App Development Platform enables you to create reusable data integrations to your systems

Automatic fixing of data quality issues.

Data quality issues accumulate; not managing them or managing them through manual intervention with no automatic error correction is costly and libel to error.

Identify data quality issues automatically and correct them without human intervention or present exceptions to your teams with defined workflows and forms to correct the data.

PhixFlow Low-Code Platform Integration Capabilities

Powerful data analytics built-in.

Not having data analytics built into the heart of applications makes process improvements, root cause analysis and intelligence led planning extremely different

Make use of PhixFlow’s extensive library of analytic functions or write your own to uncover deep insights into your data and guide decisions.

Schedule and automate your data analytics applications with the PhixFlow Low-Code App Development Platform

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Automating workflows to achieve complete accuracy for Lloyds Pharmacy

Lloyds Pharmacy needed to replace its process for checking tens of thousands of timesheets and invoices, to reduce costly human errors. We delivered a solution in just two months with stunning results, reducing manual effort by 75% while increasing billing accuracy.

Replacing Spreadsheet Processes for Virgin Media

Virgin Media needed a tool to support cable laying projects for new homes and businesses. PhixFlow Limited replaced a spreadsheet solution with a secure, multi-user toolset available to end-users anywhere.

Low-Code order tracking for Tesco

At Tesco Direct, PhixFlow proved its versatility in supporting any business function. Used in areas as diverse as complete online order tracking; customer care decision support for order replacement; and test automation of the Tesco Direct website.

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