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Your workflow support partner

With digital transformation, increased customer expectations and the growing need to make limited resources go further - we’re here to smooth your way to better workflows and better business.

Brilliant support

We make sure that the people who plan and implement your solution are the people who provide you with technical support. Standard support covers the PhixFlow platform, access to new releases and a dedicated account manager.

Professional Services

Our professional services team can manage your entire project using our proven delivery methodology, or we can work alongside your own teams to transfer skills and knowledge.


PhixFlow is intuitive to use, but it also has a deep end—which is why it’s so powerful. All our training materials are available online for self or tutor-led learning.

Professional services

Our experienced data and process professionals are ready to take on any task. Our proven methodology combined with PhixFlow’s unique capabilities means we can deliver results quickly and reliably.


Our iterative methodology ensures you get to see results early, enabling your feedback to guide the solution to exactly what you need.

On Time

PhixFlow’s rapid design steps help to ensure we always deliver on time. By providing regular, hands-on access to the solution during build-time, we avoid time-wasting design mistakes.

On Budget

Having completed many PhixFlow projects, our iterative methodology has proven itself in always delivering successfully and to budget.


Because PhixFlow takes care of all the low-level wiring, our data and process experts can focus on your business logic, enabling models to be built in days or weeks rather than months and years.

Dedicated support

Our online helpdesk is always ready to answer your product and modelling questions, quickly.

Our dedicated support team are alerted the moment you add a support request. Tickets are routed to agents who know your environment so that design questions or problems can be answered quickly. We even use PhixFlow to monitor the progress of tickets and to escalate to senior management if needed.

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In-depth training resources

With several options for training courses, you’re able to train in whatever way suits you

All our training materials are accessed via PhixFlow’s online help and hosted training systems can be spun up in the cloud in a matter of moments. The courses are designed so that they can be used by self-learners at their own pace or delivered as instructor­led courses both online and on-site.

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