Turn shadow IT into an advantage.

PhixFlow makes it possible for the IT team and citizen developers to replace spreadsheets and other unsecured peripheral software with scalable, multi-user solutions, built within days or weeks, on a secure platform managed according to IT policies with centrally secured access to data.

Revenue Assurance Solutions built using using the PhixFlow Low-Code Platform

Consolidate applications into a single supported platform.

Tactical solutions and spreadsheets developed by individual teams, outside of IT’s control presents many problems. Data leaks occur and data becomes isolated and insecure.  Risks increase with no consolidated view across systems, and knowledge of what data sits where resides in the hands of a few critical team members.

Replacing Shadow IT solutions with controlled PhixFlow applications can dramatically reduce the number of systems that IT have to support making it easy to ensure that all systems have the latest security patches and are managed to the same IT policies.

Speed up tactical application development.

Business users are faced with changing demands and a need for new functionality, when IT cannot fulfil these quickly enough workarounds and unsupported software creeps in.

Bring business users and IT teams together to make best use of available skills, create applications within very short timescales that exactly match the business need and are easy to manage and update.

PhixFlow Low-Code: Faster App Development

Access and control managed and maintained according to your IT policies.

Solutions that sit outside of the main IT domain risk not being backed up, data updates and decisions are not recorded, data becomes duplicated across different tactical solutions and there is no ongoing reconciliation or quality management process.

With PhixFlow’s integrated platform IT policies on data access, storage and security are quickly implemented and monitored for compliance with full audit trails on decisions.

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