Design and create Low-Code solutions to fit your processes.

With PhixFlow you there's no need to twist your business processes to fit an off-the-shelf solution. Build your Low-Code solutions with the PhixFlow Low-Code platform.

PhixFlow Low-Code Applications and Solutions

What solution will you create?

With PhixFlow the possibilities are endless, all that's needed is a little imagination. Let us show you a few example use cases to get you started.

Remove the guesswork from you system or data migration project.

Save time, reduce costs, improve data quality and automate processes whilst ensuring a successful transition between legacy and new systems.

Data migration applications by PhixFlow

Quickly deliver new business applications that support your digital transformation initiatives.

Digital transformation has become a necessity for successful organisations, yet many are still struggling to get their plans off the ground. Discover how Low-Code will accelerate your digital transformation journey.

Create powerful Data Analytics Applications with PhixFlow Low-Code platform

Control shadow IT in your business and turn it into an advantage.

PhixFlow makes it possible for the IT team and citizen developers to replace spreadsheets and other unsecured peripheral software with scalable, multi-user solutions, built within days or weeks, on a secure platform managed according to IT policies with centrally secured access to data.

PhixFlow Low-Code Professional Services and support

Identify and fix data quality from multiple sources with PhixFlow.

Connect all your data sources, analyse and reconcile your data, automatically correct data quality issues and make intelligence led decisions based on a clear, unified view of data from across all IT systems.

improve data management and data quality with PhixFlow

Build your mobile applications.

PhixFlow changes the model of how mobile applications are created. Configure using drag-and-drop form design with menus, workflows and data processing, all integrated with your legacy systems, the same applications can be published as native smartphone apps.

Mobilise your workforce with applications built using the PhixFlow Low-Code App Development Platform

Process automation.

Business productivity is increased through the rapid delivery of Applications matching the exact business need. Process Automation, with consistent workflows underpinned by managed permissions and full audit trails, deliver cost savings and consistent behaviour. The result? Happier customers, brighter teams and faster growth.

Process Automation with the PhixFlow Low-Code App Development Platform

How we help our customers.

Low-Code order tracking for Tesco

At Tesco Direct, PhixFlow proved its versatility in supporting any business function. Used in areas as diverse as complete online order tracking; customer care decision support for order replacement; and test automation of the Tesco Direct website.

Going Beyond Standard Bank Reconciliation

The Post Office reviewed bank reconciliation software but found nothing that matched their processes. PhixFlow was chosen because the bank and A/R feeds could just be configured, processing logic was graphically modelled and user screens were designed by their staff.

Contract management application for Centrica

PhixFlow replaced and automated a manual process to transfer contract information from Centrica’s offer managment system through to their billing system. The configured application provided an ongoing 80% reduction in billing errors and a 40% FTE saving.

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Low-Code: IT’s new strategic asset in digital transformation

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Speed up new application Development

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