Drag and drop simplicity.

Using drag and drop screens you define your individual elements: forms, fields, menus, buttons, dashboards, grids, bar charts etc. and then link them all together with context sensitive menus which trigger your workflow actions.

Low-Code process automation is easy with the Drag and drop workflow builder from PhixFlow

Control almost anything!

Each WorkFlow action can be configured to drive multiple processes. Simple actions might just open another form (using currently selected data to drive behaviour), or open a dashboard showing multiple linked graphical displays of the data e.g. grids, bar charts, line charts, dials charts, pie charts or open a web page based on a calculated URL e.g. “show me our web page for this product”.

More complex actions can be configured by linking options together e.g. to validate the user action, prompt the user for input then update or insert data.

Process Automation with the PhixFlow Low-Code App Development Platform

Linking workflows and data processing models.

The real power of PhixFlow is revealed when workflows and the data processing models are linked together. A menu action option can trigger a data processing model to run, using the selected rows on the user screen as a set of driving parameters. This enables you to set up any kind of data processing to be initiated on a user request e.g. reading new data from your systems, triggering remote web services, performing simple (or complex calculations), refreshing displays within PhixFlow or even updating your other systems.

Linking workflows to data processing models

Auditing controls as standard.

With multiple users collaborating on application development identifying what has changed is essential when something goes wrong. With PhixFlow all user actions are captured and stored helping you to identify the changes made and provide corrective action.

Auditing doesn’t stop in design mode. Audit controls can be applied to ensure full visibility of changes made by users in the deployed applications too, ensuring compliance and data integrity.

Audit trails as standard with PhixFlow Low-Code

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