Deliver streamlined Low-Code solutions for Telecommunications and media.

PhixFlow makes it easy to create innovative solutions that support operations, partners and customers in a unique, ever evolving business landscape.

PhixFlow Low-code solutions for telecommunications

Meeting the challenges of the telecommunications market.

The ability to be always connected is pervasive and a base expectation for many. Customers can switch providers with ease, which raises the challenge of providing the highest level of service and value. With a business based on millions upon millions of transactions per day the risk of error is ever present. Users rarely understand the complexity of the systems involved and expect it to “just work” and are not forgiving of failure or incorrect charges.

Factor in the challenge of integrating legacy systems and differing infrastructure and the reality of connectivity systems becomes readily apparent. Considering the volume of traffic and type of business it is no surprise fraud is a significant factor as is the need for regulatory compliance.

PhixFlow Low-Code Platform Integration Capabilities

Examples of Innovative Low-Code Solutions for Telecommunications

T-Mobile billing system migration

T-Mobile, one of the world’s leading mobile communications companies, needed to migrate their wholesale billing system, due to be unsupported by the vendor, leaving the business exposed should any problems arise with the system.

Replacing Spreadsheet Processes for Virgin Media

Virgin Media needed a tool to support cable laying projects for new homes and businesses. PhixFlow Limited replaced a spreadsheet solution with a secure, multi-user toolset available to end-users anywhere.

Prepay Billing Platform Migration Reconciliation Solution

VIVA Bahrain (now Saudi Telecom) were in the process of migrating their prepay Service Control Platform (SCP) to a new Huawei Central Payment System (CPS) and needed to independently verify that the migration was correct.

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