Remove the guesswork from your data migration project.

Save time, reduce costs, improve data quality and automate processes whilst ensuring a successful transition between legacy and new systems.

Data Migration Low-Code solutions from PhixFlow

“Having PhixFlow saved the project almost a year in timelines. The reconciliation during go live made everyone’s life so much easier.”

PhixFlow - The Low-Code platform to manage your data

Consolidate data from multiple sources.

PhixFlow can be configured to consolidate multiple data sources, profile data, automate data cleansing and present data in interactive forms. These abilities increase consistency and confidence in any migration project.

PhixFlow Low-Code Platform: Integrate with data

Improve data quality.

Quickly identify and correct data anomalies with reusable custom functions to provide more accurate, complete and consistent data. These business rules can be retained and used to maintain data quality in your new systems post migration.

Improve data quality with PhixFlow

Automated Reconciliation.

Easily create automated reconciliation processes which cross checks the source and target systems to ensure all data has been migrated as expected. Any potential issues are captured and highlighted to end users with the opportunity to apply individual or bulk fixes.

Automated reconciliation with PhixFlow

Data migration services from PhixFlow.

When undertaking a major system upgrade or replacing critical business systems it is vital for all data to be transferred accurately for the new systems to provide the business benefits required.

It’s a daunting task even for the most experienced IT departments. However, there is a better way, and help is just a few clicks away with our PhixFlow Professional Services Team on standby to provide assistance with your data migration.

Data migration services from PhixFlow

Customer success stories.

Automating workflows to achieve complete accuracy for Lloyds Pharmacy

Lloyds Pharmacy needed to replace its process for checking tens of thousands of timesheets and invoices, to reduce costly human errors. We delivered a solution in just two months with stunning results, reducing manual effort by 75% while increasing billing accuracy.

Prepay Billing Platform Migration Reconciliation Solution

VIVA Bahrain (now Saudi Telecom) were in the process of migrating their prepay Service Control Platform (SCP) to a new Huawei Central Payment System (CPS) and needed to independently verify that the migration was correct.

T-Mobile billing system migration

T-Mobile, one of the world’s leading mobile communications companies, needed to migrate their wholesale billing system, due to be unsupported by the vendor, leaving the business exposed should any problems arise with the system.

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