Platform features.

PhixFlow has all of the features you need to quickly create business-grade applications.

Connect with anything.

Online or offline, in files, emails, legacy systems or databases. You name it, PhixFlow can connect to it and put your data where and when you need it most!

Choose from a library of pre-built connectors, or create your own connectors in just a few easy steps to read and write data, to and from any file, system, database or web service.

The PhixFlow Low-Code App Development Platform enables you to create reusable data integrations to your systems

Work smarter with WorkFlows.

Guide users through your applications with WorkFlows. PhixFlow WorkFlows are configured using drag and drop forms and dashboards, with user-defined menus to trigger any WorkFlow action.

Process Automation with the PhixFlow Low-Code App Development Platform

Superfast data processing and analytics.

Whether you need to configure how an analysis model fetches data in preparation for processing or whether you need to design a user form to display data in real time, you can specify every details of how PhixFlow will locate the data source to both read and write from just about anywhere.

Schedule and automate your data analytics applications with the PhixFlow Low-Code App Development Platform

Your applications, anywhere.

Your business operates both in the office and outside of the office. PhixFlow enables you create mobile applications that mobilise your office functions and put them where they are needed – in the hands of your employees, wherever they are.

Mobilise your workforce with applications built using the PhixFlow Low-Code App Development Platform

How we help our customers

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Contract management application for Centrica

PhixFlow replaced and automated a manual process to transfer contract information from Centrica’s offer managment system through to their billing system. The configured application provided an ongoing 80% reduction in billing errors and a 40% FTE saving.

Prepay Billing Platform Migration Reconciliation Solution

VIVA Bahrain (now Saudi Telecom) were in the process of migrating their prepay Service Control Platform (SCP) to a new Huawei Central Payment System (CPS) and needed to independently verify that the migration was correct.

Replacing Spreadsheet Processes for Virgin Media

Virgin Media needed a tool to support cable laying projects for new homes and businesses. PhixFlow Limited replaced a spreadsheet solution with a secure, multi-user toolset available to end-users anywhere.

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