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Create powerful and beautiful applications that improve business processes.

Break down data silos and unlock hidden insights from your data.

Are your sitting on a hidden goldmine of information? Insights often remain hidden within hidden silos, hindering businesses from optimising performance and making informed decisions.

4 minutes read | by Lee Smith | 8 May 2024

Top 3 Challenges in Migrating Data from SAP to Microsoft Dynamics 365

If you, or your customers, are considering a data migration from SAP to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and would like to know how to ensure a successful transition to a new system, here are top 3 challenges that will need to be addressed.

4 minutes read | by Lee Smith
28 February 2024

SAP to D365 Data Migration Methodology

Deliver your SAP to Microsoft D365 data migrations on-time and on-budget.

1 minute read | by Lee Smith
14 February 2024

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6 data migration trends 2021

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The Power of Collaboration: The Rise of Fusion Teams

Explore why Fusion Teams or on the rise and how low-code application development is the ideal too for these teams to solve complex business challenges.

4 minutes read | by Lee Smith
15 August 2023

What’s new in PhixFlow 10

PhixFlow 10 is the comprehensive, all-in-one, Low-Code workflow and application creation platform to connect, correct and manage your data.

3 minutes read | by Lee Smith
14 August 2023

Overcome Resource Constraints with Low-Code

Explore how low-code application development can help businesses overcome resource constraints and bridge the gap between application needs and available resources.

4 minutes read | by Lee Smith
8 August 2023

The Power of Collaboration: Unleashing the Potential of Low-Code

In the digital age, low-code application development emerges as a catalyst for collaboration, enabling seamless teamwork and fostering innovation.

3 minutes read | by Lee Smith
1 August 2023

How to effectively evaluate low-code platforms for your organisation

Evaluating low-code solutions presents unique challenges. Delve into the key obstacles encountered and explore multiple effective methods to assess and select the ideal low-code platform for your organization

5 minutes read | by Lee Smith
25 July 2023

The next-generation low-code platform is on it’s way

The latest version of PhixFlow is almost here and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.

2 minutes read | by Lee Smith
22 June 2023

Low-Code: The Key to Effortless Business System Integration

Integrating different systems is a complex and time-consuming task. It often requires significant technical expertise and can be costly to implement and maintain. Are low-code platforms an easier alternative?

7 minutes read | by Lee Smith
7 June 2023

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Data migration process checklist

Get your data migration project off to a great start with our tried and tested data migration checklist.

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What lessons can 2020 teach us about digital transformation?

It’s clear that 2020 has taught the business world a lot about digital transformation, so what are the main takeaways from the year?

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5 Factors for success in Digital Transformation

With digital transformation becoming a must for companies who want to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive, fast paced market, how do businesses ensure theirs is a success?

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