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Read and write data from anywhere

Whether you need to configure how an analysis model fetches data in preparation for processing or whether you need to design a user form to display data in real time, using drag and drop modelling you can specify every detail of how PhixFlow will locate the data source to both read and write from just about anywhere.

The list below show the modelling objects available to read and write data. Each object is easy to use and connects to other objects which carry out your analytics or data processing. As your modelling skills advance, you can take advantage of multi-threading features to enable your models to read and write data at huge speeds e.g. processing hundreds of thousands of files in thirty minutes. You can also drive these objects from the outputs of other models to build up sophisticated models with any complex behaviour you need.

Database reader

Browse the tables in your source databases and simply click on the data you want to read.


Database writer

Create exporters to update databases either directly or using stored procedure APIs.



Read any part of a spreadsheet, dynamically specifying tabs and data ranges.


Flat files

Configure how to read a flat file in just three clicks. PhixFlow works out the rest. Add more rules and logic if needed.



Parse XML structures to pull out the data that you need from any source.


Binary files

Define the structure of your binary files using our structure definition syntax then configure PhixFlow to extract the data that you need.


Web services

Integrate with web services to read data or trigger actions on remote systems.


Web sites

Create models which parse the data on websites for use in your analytics or update web pages to publish your data.



Read the contents and attachments on emails from any server and send emails with templated reports and messages.



Read and write files over plain FTP, SFTP or FTPS configuring user name and passwords for access.



Read folder structures and read files matching the dynamic patterns that you specify.


Compressed files

Examine the contents of compressed files and read selected data.


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