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Find. Analyse. Fix.

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Read, analyse and update data from any source

PhixFlow connects into your existing IT systems and remote services enabling you to fix data and create new business functions.

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Import and read data

Configure a drag and drop model which defines how data is read from databases, spreadsheets, text files, binary files, emails, web-pages and web-services i.e. from just about any data source.

Enrich and analyse data

Add further modelling steps to transform and enrich your data. This analysis step is extremely scalable and typically identifies problems or transforms data e.g. calculating the price of a telephone call.

Constant Monitoring

Set up user-driven or scheduled tasks which run the analysis models and alert you to any problems or simply carry out regular business functions that no longer require manual input.

Update target systems

Add steps into your models to update systems with new or corrected data. Updates can be completely automated or triggered on user input and can be applied to databases, spreadsheets, files, emails, web pages and web services.


Create engaging forms and data dashboards

Build your own menu-driven workflows with the drag and drop form and dashboard designer

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Highlight data features

Configure dashboards which show the important features and trends in your analysed data or which show context-sensitive real-time data from databases, web pages and web services based on the user clicking selected records.

Design your screen

Use the drag and drop form designer to set up new screens which display related sets of data e.g. a customer detail form with information on orders, payments, returns and the latest delivery status from a parcel tracker site.

Menus and workflows

Create linked menus & buttons which open forms and dashboards to show the details of your data or take new user input. Configure menus and buttons to start further analysis tasks or to update systems with corrections or new data.


Publish and use your application

Make your new application available to your users over browsers in the office or as applications on mobile devices.

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Define who has access

Give your application a name and define which user groups have access. If needed, restrict access further to individual forms, dashboards and menus and data.

Publish your application

Publish your application by sharing a unique URL which can be accessed from any browser for use by your mobile workforce.

Multi-user safe

PhixFlow applications scale for use by small teams up to thousands of simultaneous users. All interactions are multi-user safe and fully audited.

Use Securely

Your users login to your application over secure links using either in-built user management details or your company login credentials.

Re-imagining your data by design

The combination of configurable analytics, forms and menus delivers an incredibly powerful platform to quickly extend your business functions, anywhere

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