What’s New in PhixFlow 11?

You requested, we listened. Welcome to PhixFlow 11.

We’ve made a whole host of usability and performance enhancements to make PhixFlow more powerful than ever. Over 70 significant improvements and new features have been added. Read on for the highlights.

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Performance boost

Experience lightning-fast configuration of screens and responsive GUI interactions like never before. With optimised drawing and refreshing of screens you’ll experience unparalleled speed and efficiency. 

Expanded API functionality

Our inbound API integration functionality now supports asynchronous calls (in addition to synchronous calls). This means that external systems can now trigger longer-duration actionflows within PhixFlow and then receive results in a separate API call. For example, an asynchronous call to PhixFlow might trigger an actionflow that performs a mixture of rules-based data processing within PhixFlow together with API calls to multiple other systems before preparing a result that is returned asynchronously.

Simplified installation and upgrade (on-prem installations)

Say goodbye to the old multi-step process!

We’ve completely redesigned the installation and upgrade processes for PhixFlow. Say goodbye to the old multi-step setup! Now, with just two configuration files and an automatic database schema installation, getting started with PhixFlow has never been easier. Whether you’re a new user or upgrading from a previous version, the process is now smoother and more straightforward.

Customers on our managed SaaS servers will have the updates automatically applied.

Improved collaboration with annotations

Collaboration is key to success, and with PhixFlow 11, we’re making it even easier for teams to work together.

Now, you can add annotations directly to the canvas in Actionflows and Analysis models.

These annotations provide valuable context and insights into the processing being applied, facilitating better communication and collaboration among team members.

Improved low-code screen building

Following on from the success of the usability improvements in PhixFlow 10 we’ve added more features to make building application screens even easier.

New floating tool menu

A new floating menu has been added to screen components, providing quick access to key tasks such as adding new content and viewing the data backing a component. This streamlines the screen building process, making it more intuitive and efficient.

Drag and drop file uploads and display

Say hello to effortless file management with the new File Type component for screen building. Users can now upload files into PhixFlow by simply dragging and dropping them onto their screens. This intuitive feature makes it easier than ever to incorporate external files into your workflows, saving you time and effort.

New Actionflow nodes

Enhance flexibility and performance with a range of new actionflow nodes, including:

Bulk update

This high-performance data update facility is designed for handling large volumes of data efficiently. Whether you need to update multiple records at once or perform bulk updates based on specific criteria, the Bulk Update node streamlines the process, saving time and resources.

Bulk delete

Similar to Bulk Update, the Bulk Delete node offers a high-performance data purging facility. Whether you’re cleaning up outdated records or removing redundant data in bulk, the Bulk Delete node enables you to efficiently delete large volumes of data with ease.

Delete node

The Delete action has been separated into its own node to improve discoverability and streamline workflow development. You can easily remove individual records or data sets from your system, enhancing data management capabilities within your Actionflows.

Converge node

The Converge node enables separate paths in an Actionflow to converge into a single path. This powerful node allows you to merge multiple branches of logic or data processing into a unified flow, simplifying complex workflows and improving overall efficiency.

The XML node

The XML node provides direct handling of XML data within an Actionflow. Whether you’re parsing XML data from external sources, transforming XML structures, or generating XML outputs, the XML node offers comprehensive support for working with XML data, making data integration tasks seamless and straightforward.

Extract Actions

This new node enables users to extract actionflow nodes into new reusable components. With Extract Actions, you can encapsulate commonly used logic or functionality into modular components, promoting reuse, improving maintainability, and speeding up workflow development.

OAuth2 email support

In keeping with modern email authentication standards, PhixFlow now supports OAuth2 authentication for email integration. This ensures compatibility with most modern email providers, such as O365 and Gmail, by replacing username/password authentication with XOAUTH2 authentication.

Getting started with PhixFlow 11.

If you are an existing customer and would like more information on PhixFlow 11, please email advisors@phixflow.com to arrange a demonstration, or to discuss your upgrade.

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