SAP to D365 Data Migration Methodology

1 minute read | by Lee Smith | 14 February 2024

The decision to migrate data from one system to another is a strategic move often fuelled by evolving business needs. One such transition that companies undertake is the shift from SAP to Microsoft Dynamics 365. SAP and Microsoft Dynamics 365 are both robust ERP systems, each with its unique strengths. Yet, as business requirements evolve, organizations may opt to switch platforms to better align with their goals, leverage advanced features, or optimize costs.

However, data migrations are fraught with many pitfalls, therefore it is essential to have a well-defined, organised approach to migrating your data.

Over the years we have successfully completed many data migrations, even where others had failed to do so. This has enabled us create a proven SAP to Microsoft Dynamics 365 data migration methodology to ensure projects are delivered on-time and on-budget.

PhixFlow SAP to Microsoft Dynamics 265 Data Migration Methodology infographic