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Data Migration

Deliver a successful data migration project
PhixFlow empowers businesses to configure solutions that meet their specific data migration needs and delivers immediate benefits. By adopting PhixFlow you are utilising not only our powerful Low-Code Application Development Platform but our years of experience in data migrations.

The problem

Data migrations have a notorious reputation for being both highly challenging and prone to failure. This reputation has been well earned, according to a Gartner report as many as 83% of data migration projects exceed their deadline and/or budget and in some cases fail entirely.

Lack of business engagement
Data migrations are usually handed to the IT department to ‘deal with’. Whilst the IT department may understand the legacy data, they may also have gaps in their knowledge of the business processes involved in specific business areas.
Lack of legacy data knowledge
Often, the reasons for moving to a new system is due to the lack of understanding of the data in existing systems, and, as time has gone on, people have worked on workarounds to get the data they need. Without this understanding there is a high degree of certainty that the effort required may be underestimated leading to unexpected costs further down the line.
Data quality issues
It is highly unlikely that the existing data has no issues at all and will fit beautifully into your new system. Resolving these issues manually is often not feasible and can be highly resource intensive, especially without the appropriate tools or expertise.
Volume of data
Large data volumes can adversely affect development and testing times once the volume of data becomes significant enough to affect data transfer, storage and the processing capabilities of the migration tool(s).

The solution

The PhixFlow platform and consultancy team support your data migration, alleviating stress and overcoming challenges, through technical innovation and experience. Our strength is in the ease with which PhixFlow can be configured to consolidate multiple data sources, profile data, automate data cleansing and present data in interactive forms. These abilities increase consistency and confidence in any data migration project.

Increased Business Engagement
Business engagement will be greatly improved by configuring apps that reduce the time burden on your subject matter experts through automating data aggregation for investigations and allowing users to provide input directly on the data.
Improved Data Quality
PhixFlow provides over 115+ functions to quickly identify and correct data anomalies. Reusable custom functions can also be configured to support truly bespoke needs while avoiding the need for reworking. Enriched data provides more accurate, complete and consistent data. These business rules can be retained and used to maintain data quality post migration.
Automated Reconciliation
Our automated reconciliation process cross checks the source and target systems to ensure data has been migrated as expected. Any potential issues are captured and highlighted to end users with the opportunity to apply individual or bulk fixes.


PhixFlow takes the guesswork out of data migration projects. Our platform combined with our expertise in data migrations ensure success for your project whilst reducing costs, improving data quality, saving time, and automating business processes.

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Reduced Cost

By combining our purpose-built application and in-house expertise, we reduce risk and optimise operations through accurate data profiling that improve budgeting and resource forecasting estimates.

Faster Delivery

PhixFlow promotes collaborative working through its interactive forms and reports, supporting cross function communication that will help deliver your data migration on time and within budget.

Process Automation

Reduce laborious manual processing, such as fixing data by hand and reconciliation testing, through process automation. This will free up your team to do what they do best and add real value to the company.

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