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Digital Transformation

Quickly deliver new business applications that support your digital transformation initiatives with PhixFlow

Accelerate your digital transformation strategy with PhixFlow
Digital transformation has become a necessity for successful organisations, yet many are still struggling to get their plans off the ground.

The problem

Introducing digital technologies into every part of an organisation has its challenges, but each element of a successful digital transformation strategy should be focused on providing operational efficiency and a more customer-centred approach.

Organisational resistance to change
Many employees may put up barriers to digital transformation initiatives as it brings along organisational change. This can cause uncertainty for employees, mainly driven by fear of losing their role or identity
Inflexible IT infrastructure
Legacy systems, infrastructure and development cycles often prevent iterative changes to be made, leading to lengthy delays. Successful digital transformation strategies require these changes to be made at speed.
Lack of internal resources
Digital transformation will place an increased demand on IT departments with many new applications and solutions required, which often need to be bespoke. Without enough internal resources or expertise plans can rapidly come to a halt
Ineffective data
With your business data in multiple siloes, utilised by different departments, it can be difficult to analyse and gain an accurate picture along with a single source of the truth

The solution: Low-code

PhixFlow's Low-code application platform enables business users and IT teams to connect legacy systems, analyse and fix data problems, automate business operations and create innovative apps faster.

Enable collaborative development
Utilising your business users, or citizen developers, will bring your subject matter experts into application creation and eliminate resistance to changing business culture
Data when and where you need it
With PhixFlow you can connect to any data source or system, extract, analyse, enrich and correct data issues. All data can be made available in applications accessible from any device
Automate manual tasks
Automate everything that can be automated, both finding and fixing data issues to free up your teams to focus on real, value add work. Build consistency and performance into the heart of your operation
Speed up development cycles
As your processes change, so can your applications and workflows. Iterative changes can be made quickly by business users, speeding up development cycles


Low-code development platforms are changing the way applications are built and delivered, ensuring digital transformation strategy objectives are met on-time and on budget.

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Better data

Improved data quality and greater visibility enables your business to make better informed decisions

Automated tasks

Free up your employees time and enable them to concentrate on the tasks that matter most

Work faster

Speed up development cycles for new applications by enabling you business users to develop applications, with no coding experience

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