What’s new in PhixFlow 9

More powerful. Greater Flexibility. Enhanced usability. Welcome to PhixFlow 9, the all-in-one Low-Code workflow and app creation platform.

2 minutes read | by Lee Smith | 8 December 2022

Rebuilt from the ground up PhixFlow 9 brings a list of new features that makes building automated business applications easier than ever before.

Take a look a what’s new in PhixFlow 9.

New intuitive user interface

The new user interface puts you in control, making application building more intuitive than ever before, simplifying the process for all users – technical or non-technical.

A new single header menu provides easy access to the four core pillars of PhixFlow functionality: Data, Workflow, Screen building and Analysis. User and application level options are also accessed from the top to maximise the space available for designing your applications.


Visualise your data structure

New in PhixFlow 9 is our Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) feature which allows you to model your data and the relationships between the data tables with ease and precision. The result is a live document that visually represents all your data and facilitates the creation of new tables and relationships.

Relational views allow data in separate tables to be displayed together without first needing to combine it.


Intelligent workflows

The new makes mapping out your business processes a breeze. Collaborate as a team to create and visualise your end-to-end processes and then divide the application building tasks between users. Workflows provide a live document outlining the structure of your application. Each component in the workflow is directly linked to the item in your application.


Screen Creation

We’ve made building and editing screens much easier too with wizards to guide you through the process.

Dynamic highlighting makes placing additional components on screen easier by highlighting where items from the palette can be placed.

Items on your screen can easily be identified and moved with the new layers panel.


Comprehensive screen component library

The new Serene Grey component library speeds up screen building with preconfigured layouts with everything you need to build and customise your screens. The palette layout has been simplified and refined introducing groups for similar items, with larger icons to help you identify easily the items you need.


Preview PhixFlow 9

If you are an existing customer and would like more information on PhixFlow 9, please email advisors@phixflow.com to arrange a demonstration.

Alternatively, request a demo here.