What’s New in PhixFlow 10?

Welcome to the next generation of low-code application building. The release of PhixFlow 10 makes creating, and integrating, powerful business applications easier than ever. 

There’s a whole bunch of new features and functionality to explore. Read on to find out more.

API Integrations

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Enhanced data integration

The main focus for PhixFlow 10 has been to make integrating your data a breeze. Create an interconnected ecosystem with PhixFlow to ensure your business can securely access and manage data to improve business outcomes.

Inbound APIs

Integrate PhixFlow with more systems by defining your own inbound APIs with encrypted authorisation. These can trigger any configured business logic, or workflow, within your application.

Using ActionFlows, you are able to setup an API endpoint which enables external systems to make calls to your PhixFlow application. The API can then be called using the HTTP method POST. 

Trigger activities in your application with webhooks

Register your PhixFlow API endpoint with an external system and receive automatic updates from that system. 

Real-time synchronization

With both inbound APIs and Webhooks defined in your ActionFlows, PhixFlow 10 now supports real-time synchronization. So no matter when or where changes are made to records you can be sure that everyone has access to the latest information.

Support for looping API operations

There are three methods of looping supported: Polling, Accumulation and Paging.

  • Polling – repeating the same operation multiple times with the same parameters until a desired result is obtained and then generating a single output record. Output results are only generated at the end of the iterations. 
    E.g. polling an HTTP API until the results are available.
  • Accumulation – repeating the same operation multiple times, where each iteration accumulates the progress and triggers the next iteration with the updated result and then generating a single output record.
    E.g. calling the DB to get the parent record, and repeating with the parent until the root has been reached.
  • Paging – repeating an operation multiple times with different parameters, and generating the next parameters, and a set of output records for each iteration of the loop.
    E.g. reading from a paging API, where each iteration gives you the link for the next iteration, and a set of output records.

Data layer support

The introduction of Entity Relationship Diagrams has made defining your data layer much easier and faster.

Automatic field validation

Field validations can now be defined at the data layer within your ERDs. These are then automatically applied to your forms, or data arriving from external systems.

Relational Views

Create more in-depth, sophisticated views with attribute filtering.

Enhanced application building features

Whether you’re an experienced application developer or just starting out, PhixFlow 10 makes the process smoother with the introduction of the following:

Improved composability with ActionFlows

Create your own reusable and nestable actions in ActionFlows. ActionFlows control the interactions users have with your application and its data. They are reusable, which means you only need to create one ActionFlow for functionality that occurs on different screens, such as processing address data or to open a specific screen. For each instance of an ActionFlow, you specify the data that the ActionFlow uses by wiring into its Connection Points.

Nested ActionFlows

ActionFlows can be embedded within one another, this essentially creates a bespoke node to perform a specific task. For example, an ActionFlow which sets nonstandard country information to a two-digit ISO country code, could be nested within an ActionFlow that standardises address information.

Live Chat

To ensure that your application experience is as smooth as possible we have integrated a Live Chat facility to ensure you get the help you need from our experts. This gives you direct access to our support agents who will be able to answer your queries. Live chat is only available to users whilst in design mode.

PhixFlow Live Chat
Inbuilt user-guiding

Users new to the PhixFlow platform can learn the basics in no time and familiarise themselves with the new user guiding feature.

Support for 3rd party testing

User-defined component level test labels supports integration with 3rd party testing tools.

Improved user interface

Following the success of the changes to the user interface in PhixFlow 9, we’ve made some refinements to make building applications easier than ever before.

Extended template library

We’ve added more screen templates and components to the repository to make screen building easier and faster. Simply select the screen component you need and drag it on to your layout.

Easier theme customisation

Achieve the look and feel you want with simple to use CSS controls. These controls reduce the need to know how to code CSS and open-up screen building to less technical users.

Screen building wizards

Users new to the PhixFlow platform can learn the basics in no time and familiarise themselves with the new user guiding feature.

Getting started with PhixFlow 10

If you are an existing customer and would like more information on PhixFlow 10, please email advisors@phixflow.com to arrange a demonstration.

Alternatively, get started with a free trial.