PhixFlow ranked as High Performer on G2

We are proud to announce that PhixFlow have been ranked as a High Performer in G2’s Summer 2022 reports for the top Business Process Management Software companies.

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PhixFlow ranked as High Performer on G2 Summer report 2022

How we help our customers.

Take a look at some of our customer success stores.

Global data migration for telco infrastructure provider

Discover how a leading Independent telco infrastructure provider successfully migrated their data to Microsoft Dynamics 365 from 25 business units, in 5 countries with a cut over time of just 2 days.

Going Beyond Standard Bank Reconciliation

The Post Office reviewed bank reconciliation software but found nothing that matched their processes. PhixFlow was chosen because the bank and A/R feeds could just be configured, processing logic was graphically modelled and user screens were designed by their staff.

Low-Code order tracking for Tesco

At Tesco Direct, PhixFlow proved its versatility in supporting any business function. Used in areas as diverse as complete online order tracking; customer care decision support for order replacement; and test automation of the Tesco Direct website.

Getting started with PhixFlow.

Create. Integrate. Deploy.

Create your application and integrate your data sources.

PhixFlow connects into your existing IT systems and remote services enabling you to fix data and create new business functions.

PhixFlow Low-Code Platform: Integrate with data

Create engaging forms and data dashboards.

Using PhixFlow’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface you can design the screens your users need.

Create data-driven dashboards to give your team a clearer picture, or create engaging forms to enable users to add and amend data.

PhixFlow Low-Code App Development Platform: Drag and Drop application development

Publish and use your application.

With Low-Code application development your new applications will be ready at least 10x faster than application built using traditional methods.

And when your business requirements change, so can your applications. The iterative nature of application development with PhixFlow means that changes can be made to business rules and redeployed in minutes.

PhixFlow Low-Code: Your applications on multiple devices

Professional Services Overview.

If you need extra assistance to get your application off the ground, our Customer Success team are ready to provide you with the assistance you need.

PhixFlow Low-Code Professional Services and support

What clients say about us.

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