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Data Management

Break down data silos and unlock hidden insights from your data.

Are your sitting on a hidden goldmine of information? Insights often remain hidden within hidden silos, hindering businesses from optimising performance and making informed decisions.

4 minutes read | by Lee Smith

Low-Code: The Key to Effortless Business System Integration

Integrating different systems is a complex and time-consuming task. It often requires significant technical expertise and can be costly to implement and maintain. Are low-code platforms an easier alternative?

7 minutes read | by Lee Smith

Low-Code Data Management: Streamline Your Business Processes and Boost Productivity

With the emergence of low-code platforms, businesses can now streamline their data management processes, reduce development costs, and improve their time-to-market.

3 minutes read | by Lee Smith

5 Tips for Improving Data Quality with Low-Code Solutions

Low-code platforms have risen in popularity in recent years. Many have the ability to connect and analyse data from multiple sources, and are becoming the go to tool for managing data quality.

7 minutes read | by Lee Smith

The importance of data quality in your business

Achieve better data quality throughout your organisation and increase the effectiveness of your business decision-making.

4 minutes read | by Lee Smith

Predictive analytics to provide your sales team with high converting customer data

How to create a data-driven approach to sales and customer retention with Low-Code and see results fast.

6 minutes read | by Lee Smith

How to unlock the hidden potential from your data with Low-Code

Ensure future success by unlocking the potential from the vast amounts of data that you already hold with a Low-Code application.

5 minutes read | by Lee Smith

Why data is essential for your business’s post covid recovery

As the pandemic progresses business leaders have come to realise that data has become more essential than ever before and is necessary to determine and progress upon the path to recovery.

7 minutes read | by Carly Enright

Reduce customer churn in your business

What is customer churn and how can you proactively focus your efforts on keeping the customers that matter most?

5 minutes read | by Lee Smith

Why spreadsheets aren’t always the best solution

With nearly 16,000 unreported cases of coronavirus by Public Health England (PHE) through the use of Excel spreadsheets, isn’t it time to look at alternatives for data analysis?

5 minutes read | by Carly Enright

Improve data quality in your business

With more data being collected and analysed, the room for error is growing. With this analysis so heavily relied upon, errors can be extremely costly. Explore the most common data quality problems and how they can be resolved.

5 minutes read | by Carly Enright

Featured Articles

Data migration process checklist

Get your data migration project off to a great start with our tried and tested data migration checklist.

3 minutes read | by Lee Smith

What lessons can 2020 teach us about digital transformation?

It’s clear that 2020 has taught the business world a lot about digital transformation, so what are the main takeaways from the year?

7 minutes read | by Lee Smith

5 Factors for success in Digital Transformation

With digital transformation becoming a must for companies who want to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive, fast paced market, how do businesses ensure theirs is a success?

7 minutes read | by Carly Enright