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Fraud management

Staying on top of evolving fraudulent activity

Fraudulent activity is always evolving. You need tools which are capable of changing even faster.

If you’re reading this, the likelihood is that you are already aware of the need to monitor fraudulent activity (both internal and external) and may already have had some bad experiences. You may even have some basic manually-driven checks in place. You’re probably also aware that fraudsters are always seeking new ways to abuse your services and the number of your ad hoc checks is growing, requiring more of your time to run. It’s likely it’s becoming more difficult to manage and investigate cases and retain the evidence you need. If you have an old system in place, you may find that it handles well-known fraud cases but is difficult and costly to extend to new types of fraudulent activity.

Extreme flexibility to handle fraud

PhixFlow provides you with a new way to detect and manage fraud, whatever industry sector you’re in. Instead of fixed solutions which can only monitor specific fraud types, using PhixFlow each type of fraud is detected by configuring a new analytics model (or extending an existing model). In this way PhixFlow is future proof i.e. PhixFlow will enable you to tackle new types of fraud for products or services which don’t yet exist. PhixFlow models can read data from any of your data sources without the need for customised integration programming. Integration is all handled through configuration, even for bespoke binary files as generated by telecom network elements (MSC, HLR etc.). PhixFlow’s massive scalability and ability to handle data in Hadoop means that any large scale analytics of your data can be processed to detect fraud.

Case management

Identifying suspected cases of fraud is only half of the solution. Configurable PhixFlow forms, workflows, menus and dashboards enable an integrated case management process to be put in place to handle the investigation of each fraud instance, gathering of evidence against each case and sharing the work between team members, all with management reporting on overall status, trends etc.

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