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Find and fix errors in very large data sources

Customers like Virgin Media and TalkTalk rely on us to deliver revenue assurance and streamlined operational processes. From automation of order flow, to provisioning, billing and finance; our seamless systems are IT-compliant, while also protecting against fraud.


Challenges in the Communications and Telecoms market

The ability to be always connected is pervasive and a base expectation for many. Customers can switch providers with ease, which raises the challenge of providing the highest level of service and value. With a business based on millions upon millions of transactions per day the risk of error is ever present. Users rarely understand the complexity of the systems involved and expect it to “just work” and are not forgiving of failure or incorrect charges. Factor in the challenge of integrating legacy systems and differing infrastructure and the reality of connectivity systems becomes readily apparent. Considering the volume of traffic and type of business it is no surprise fraud is a significant factor as is the need for regulatory compliance.

What can PhixFlow provide?

PhixFlow provides a platform that will enable you to link multiple systems and create custom applications to replace spreadsheets and desktop databases using our drag and drop technology. Enable your customer care team with a full picture by linking your CRM, order management and logistics systems. Reduce revenue leakage through the implementation of fraud analytics, prevent fraudulent activities and recover unbilled or incorrectly billed orders. With the PhixFlow platform you can find and fix errors in very large data sources e.g. typically models might monitor volumes from 100 thousand records up to 200 million records in 1 hour.

Revenue Assurance and Finance Automation

Reconcile billing, provisioning and switch configuration. Re-rerate calls to check bills. Process billions of interconnect events to find lost revenue.

Legacy systems

Link your legacy, remote and office systems. Integrate your company acquisitions and brokers to provide a seamless system

Customer care

Link your CRM, ordering, provisioning, billing and online systems through a single interface to provide an integrated customer view

Fraud Management

Monitor calls to identify unusual usage patterns and track user credit to help avoid unexpected bills. Handle all issues with integrated case management.

Billing Operations

Replace speadsheets and MS Access databases with enterprise-grade applications configured on the PhixFlow platform in weeks.

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