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Data Migration Series: How to approach a data migration?

Most data migrations can be pigeonholed into one of the two following categories. Those which take a ‘big-bang approach, and those that take a phased approach. How do decide on the right one?

6 minutes read | by Lee Smith | 22 December 2021

Predictive analytics to provide your sales team with high converting customer data

How to create a data-driven approach to sales and customer retention with Low-Code and see results fast.

6 minutes read | by Lee Smith
21 October 2021

Data Migration Series: What is data migration?

ETL tools offer a way of getting your data out of a source system and into your target system, however, using Low-Code platforms offers you an all-in-one solution for all of your data migration needs.

8 minutes read | by Lee Smith
2 October 2021

PhixFlow named as High Performer on G2’s Fall 2021 report

We are proud to announce that PhixFlow have been ranked as a High Performer in G2’s Fall 2021 reports for the top Business Process Management Software companies.

1 minute read | by Lee Smith
14 September 2021

How to unlock the hidden potential from your data with Low-Code

Ensure future success by unlocking the potential from the vast amounts of data that you already hold with a Low-Code application.

5 minutes read | by Lee Smith
25 August 2021

Why use Low-Code for Data Migration

The path to a successful data migration may not be smooth but it can be made much easier by adopting a Low-Code platform.

7 minutes read | by Lee Smith
20 July 2021

6 Data Migration Trends for 2021

In an increasingly competitive landscape, businesses need to stay ahead by ensuring the highest level of customer experience. This has meant projects such as bringing in new, improved systems, which all involve data migrations.

3 minutes read | by Lee Smith
17 June 2021

Customer Experience Apps with Low-Code

More and more companies turning to Low-Code to build customer experience applications to support their CX strategies, so what applications will you build?

4 minutes read | by Lee Smith
26 May 2021

The top 3 ways Low-Code has changed application development

Digital transformation has been at the top of many businesses’ priorities, but the speed at which businesses have been able to digitise their manual processes has been relatively slow. Enter Low-Code!

5 minutes read | by Carly Enright
15 April 2021

What is Low-Code?

In this article, we will examine what is meant by Low-Code and why Forrester predict that up to 75% of development companies will adopt Low-Code to deliver applications faster.

5 minutes read | by Carly Enright
15 February 2021

Why data is essential for your business’s post covid recovery

As the pandemic progresses business leaders have come to realise that data has become more essential than ever before and is necessary to determine and progress upon the path to recovery.

7 minutes read | by Carly Enright
2 February 2021

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Data migration process checklist

Get your data migration project off to a great start with our tried and tested data migration checklist.

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What lessons can 2020 teach us about digital transformation?

It’s clear that 2020 has taught the business world a lot about digital transformation, so what are the main takeaways from the year?

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5 Factors for success in Digital Transformation

With digital transformation becoming a must for companies who want to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive, fast paced market, how do businesses ensure theirs is a success?

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