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Training resources

In-depth training resources tailored to suit your needs

Context  sensitive help

We’ve designed PhixFlow to be intuitive to use and for many users, in particular the end-users of the applications that you will create, almost no training is necessary. Users can quickly get started with PhixFlow, using just the online, context sensitive, searchable help. Videos and “How To” articles explain quickly how to carry out the basic modelling tasks.

Training courses

However, PhixFlow has a deep end and users who choose to can explore the online training courses and use hosted training systems to fully master the power of the PhixFlow platform. This will enable advanced users to create models which quickly carry out the complex processing of hundreds of millions of records or the configuration of applications with large numbers of linked user screens and user actions which trigger further workflows and data processing. Training courses can be taken as self-learning exercises by those who are used to working through such courses on their own or as trainer-led sessions either online, at your offices or at our offices.






Introduction to PhixFlow 0.5 day
Introduction to Modelling 1 day
Modelling Concepts 1 day
Advanced Modelling 1 day
Workflow Modelling 1 day
Administration 0.5 day


Hosted training systems

All the technology used to create PhixFlow is web-enabled and always has been. Our PhixFlow training systems are packaged up and ready to deploy on our hosted PhixFlow platform at a moment’s notice. On request, you will get a secure, dedicated, hosted training system containing many example models used to illustrate key PhixFlow functionality. The PhixFlow training instance has all the capabilities of fully working systems enabling you to try modelling solutions which are outside the standard training course. We’d love to discuss your ideas! Contact us to find out more.

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PhixFlow solutions put you in control by letting you design applications to fit your processes.

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