What’s new in PhixFlow 10

PhixFlow 10 is the comprehensive, all-in-one, Low-Code workflow and application creation platform to connect, correct and manage your data.

3 minutes read | by Lee Smith | 14 August 2023

We’ve been working hard to ensure that PhixFlow 10 provides you with even more value than ever before. We’re confident that the new features and improvements will make a real difference for your business.

PhixFlow is the comprehensive low-code platform that empowers you to rapidly develop and deploy enterprise applications. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, PhixFlow makes it easy to create complex applications without writing a single line of code. Our platform is designed to help you streamline you operations and boost productivity by automating repetitive tasks, simplifying workflows, and connecting disparate systems.

What’s new in PhixFlow 10?

please find below a quick, summary of the improvements in PhixFlow 10. For more detail visit the What’s new in PhixFlow 10 Platform page.

Improved user interface

Following the success of the changes to the user interface in PhixFlow 9, we’ve made some refinements to make building applications easier than ever before.

Screen building wizards: Build your screens faster with the assistance of wizards to help you with the most common screen actions.

Extended template library: We’ve added more screen templates and components to the repository to make screen building easier and faster. Simply select the screen component you need and drag it on to your layout.

Easier theme customisation: Achieve the look and feel you want with simple to use CSS controls. These controls reduce the need to know how to code CSS and open up screen building to less technical users.


Enhanced data integration

The main focus for PhixFlow 10 has been to make integrating your data a breeze.

Inbound APIs and Webhooks: Integrate PhixFlow with more systems by defining your own inbound APIs and webhooks authorised with encrypted passwords.

Support for looping API operations: There are three styles of looping that will be supported; Polling, Accumulation and Paging.

Trigger activities with Inbound/webhooks? APIs: Call your PhixFlow API from an external system and trigger a series of activities with ActionFlows.

Simplified configuration of external APIs: Configuration of your external APIs can now be completed using ActionFlows.

Real time synchronization: With both inbound and outbound APIs defined in your ActionFlows, PhixFlow 10 now supports real-time synchronization.


Data layer support

The introduction of Entity Relationship Diagrams has made defining your data layer much easier and faster.

Automatic field validation: Field validations can now be defined at the data layer within your ERDs. These are then automatically applied to your forms.

Relational views: Create more in-depth, sophisticated views with attribute filtering.


Enhanced application building features

Whether you’re an experienced application developer or just starting out, PhixFlow 10 makes the process smoother with the introduction of the following:

Live Chat: We’ve integrated a Live Chat facility to ensure you get the help you need to get your applications off the ground.

Inbuilt user guiding: Users new to the PhixFlow platform can learn the basics in no time and familiarise themselves with the new user guiding feature.

Improved composability: Create your own reusable and nestable actions in ActionFlows.

Support for 3rd party testing: User-defined component level test labels supports integration with 3rd party testing tools.


Getting started with PhixFlow 10

If you are an existing customer and would like more information on PhixFlow 10, please email advisors@phixflow.com to arrange a demonstration.

Alternatively, request a demo here.