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Professional services

Delivering quality solutions on time and on budget

Unique Methodology

Our customers choose us because we deliver quality solutions that work and we deliver those solutions quickly, on time and on budget.

What is it about PhixFlow that enables us to continually deliver reliable solutions, quickly, on time and on budget when so many projects fail elsewhere? We’d like to say that we’re special and have record of employing bright graduates from our home city, Cambridge and while some of that helps, there’s more to it than that.

Spanning the business/IT boundary

PhixFlow is made to span the business / IT boundary. The ability to simply configure integration, data processing and user workflow screens enables the core of end to end solutions to be built very quickly and then shared with the business users in a rapid collaborative process. If something is not quite right, a quick configuration change fixes it and within hours the end user can guide the designer into creating an application that fits their processes and requirements exactly.

Let’s not exaggerate

It would be a gross exaggeration to say that all processes can be built in hours. Our methodology starts like many others with the gathering of requirements, documenting use cases, creating initial design documents etc. and these necessary project steps all take their own time and are dependent on the individuals in the team and oversight from the steering committee.

Where we differ - rapid iterations

We differ from traditional approaches once the project enters the implementation phase. Other methodologies need to stick rigidly to the original design brief with programmers developing off-site. The end-user might not see a first result for weeks. However, on a typical PhixFlow project in which models are configured within a fully working framework, the first results are available in days. At this stage nothing is complete, however, it does allow the end-user to provide feedback on both the data being used, the processing logic and the forms and dashboards being created.

This feedback can then be quickly incorporated into the model designs and extended to cover more functionality which is then shown for further feedback. This ongoing, collaborative approach rapidly helps provide confidence from the outset:

  • The whole team understands the data and requirements;
  • There are no unforeseen problems with access to systems;
  • The constant feedback actively steers the solution to the desired goal.

Dig deeper

PhixFlow solutions put you in control by letting you design applications to fit your processes.

Our solutions

PhixFlow is chosen by industry leaders worldwide to tackle complex data problems and empower their teams.

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