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Process Automation

PhixFlow enables your team to work faster and more efficiently
Using our low code Rapid Application Development platform PhixFlow creates business workflows and user applications on an IT supported platform, automating manual tasks to free up people. The result? Happier customers, brighter teams—and faster growth.

The problem

As organisations grow the original, integrated solutions need to expand. With all teams competing for limited IT resources, manual processes and work arounds creep in leading to increasingly repetitive work and non-scalable solutions that lack IT compliance or support for multi-users.

Too many team members stuck doing manual tasks
To ensure business critical systems can run, team members are having to manually drive workflows and investigate failures
Knowledge is not well documented throughout the business
Typically, 1 or a small number of the team know how a process runs risking loss of knowledge and making it hard to bring on new people or scale
Slow solution development
Rapidly changing business requirements are not being fulfilled due to conflicting demands for IT resources and the lack of an integrated solution
Data is not stored according to IT policies or GDPR requirements
Once data has moved outside of the IT domain it is not backed up, changes are not audited and it may end up in non-secure applications, like spreadsheets, risking data loss

The solution

Replace spreadsheets and manual processes with secure, scalable applications in weeks ensuring data is correctly managed and systems can be updated to meet evolving business needs.

Low Code, Rapid Application Platform
Create applications in days or weeks and enable your business users, or Citizen Developers, to take control of their own solution, confident it will meet IT guidelines and policies
Constant monitoring of your data and automatic fixes
All data is secure and controlled via data access policies, backed up according to IT guidelines with a full audit record of changes. Data quality issues are monitored and can either be automatically fixed or flagged for investigation
Automate Processes
Automate everything that can be automated, both finding and fixing data issues to free up your teams to focus on real, value add work. Build consistency and performance into the heart of your operation


Business productivity is increased through the rapid delivery of Applications matching the exact business need. Process Automation, with consistent workflows underpinned by managed permissions and full audit trails, deliver cost savings and consistent behaviour.

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Free Resources

Resources freed from repetitive manual tasks to work on adding value to your business

Work Faster

Processes completed faster, with greater accuracy, every time

Rapid Application Delivery

Tailored applications delivered within weeks for less than the cost of an off the shelf solution

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