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Replace manual processes

Automating workflows to achieve complete accuracy

Manual processes in spreadsheets and desktop databases

How do you implement new processes, quickly and efficiently? Let’s say, the sales team needed a new, integrated, customer insight and reporting tool. Or finance wanted a new invoice matching and analysis system…

Developing these process and putting them into action isn’t a tame, tidy effort. There are always other priorities to deal with, paperwork to wade through and time-consuming hoops to jump through.  In short: even the simplest new processes can take time, effort and dogged determination to implement.

When this happens, teams often resort to manual workarounds, such as mixing SQL, spreadsheets and desktop databases.

Manual processes are not IT-compliant

Sadly, these quick fixes are not IT-compliant.  Time marches on and more data is added.  People put more and more reliance on these makeshift solutions.  Clunky workarounds are patched in, such as multiple spreadsheets, for multiple users.

With so much manually entered data, the systems are prone to error, requiring more and more staff to find those errors and fix them. And rarely are these processes documented.  Staff leave. Holiday is taken. This leads to more stop-start delays and further inaccuracy. Needless to say, security is also an issue with no centralised policies in place.

Replace manual processes with PhixFlow

Using drag and drop design and spreadsheet-like expressions, PhixFlow replaces these manual processes with managed applications such as: menus, dashboards and data processing logic. Our system integrates with your existing systems—both to read and write data—extending the use of your current IT functionality.

Processing logic can be simple as consolidation of customer data; or complex, such as re-pricing phone calls using tariffs recorded in a billing system. This flexibility means PhixFlow can meet your needs today and in the future.

PhixFlow is IT-compliant

PhixFlow replaces all your manual processes in a way that is fully IT-compliant:

  • Secure: Integrate with your company’s authorisation and access controls and define who has access to both applications and data
  • Scalable: Capable of processing hundreds of millions of records an hour
  • Multi-user: Able to handle processes from one to thousands of simultaneous users
  • Documented: All logic and rules contained and documented in one place
  • Auditable: All user actions and changes are tracked in PhixFlow

Fast to deliver the right solution

PhixFlow provides exactly the functionality you need, when you need it. Each application is configured within a standard platform (proven by thousands of users), which means the initial screens and logic are quick to put in place, so end-users can see results quickly.

It is also fast to adjust the models and screens, and iterative; so end-users can make changes alongside the designer—to ensure the application delivers exactly what they need.


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