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Revenue Assurance

Flexible solutions that change with your business

Large volumes and constant changes

Revenue Assurance is applicable to many industries but in recent years has been driven by the telecoms industry. PhixFlow’s ability to flexibly analyse very large volumes of data has made it the ideal platform for rolling out revenue assurance solutions which need the flexibility to change continuously.

Future proof. Analyse anything

There is no fixed logic in PhixFlow and no fixed rules. All revenue assurance logic is built iteratively using simple configurable model objects which are linked together on “models” to enrich, blend, merge and transform the data with spreadsheet-like expressions. This approach makes PhixFlow extremely flexible and future proof. If there is a new revenue assurance need e.g. for a new service, there is no need for a product upgrade or even to ask us to carry out any additional work. All necessary logic can be configured in PhixFlow’s drag and drop modelling environment.

Process data from anywhere

PhixFlow’s active collectors can read data from just about any source:

  • Read subscriber services from binary HLR binary files e.g. Ericsson
  • Read binary event records from MSC switch files e.g.  LogicaCMG, Ericsson etc.
  • Extract all subscriber data from a CRM database like Siebel
  • Extract all subscriber product data from a billing system database e.g. IRB, SingleView etc.
  • Read  prepay subscriber balances from the SDP

In every case, the format of the data to read is simply configured, even the bespoke binary formats. No expensive product changes are needed when file formats change. See Integration for more details of the full integration capabilities of PhixFlow.

Create your framework quickly

Because the analysis models are configured within a fully working platform, we are able to focus on the data and business logic rather than low level coding, making PhixFlow amongst the fastest environments for creating revenue assurance systems. Our experienced revenue assurance consultants are ready to help you deploy your framework or to support you remotely to build your own models.

Fix it with workflow

Many revenue assurance systems stop with the identification of mismatches between systems leaving you to figure out and manage the fixing process. With PhixFlow you can set up a workflow defining exactly how each type problem should be resolved, assigning issues to different work streams and individuals together with screens showing all relevant data in one place, including real time views of the data in target systems. Standard correction paths can be set up and initiated through configured menus to either apply fixes directly or to initiate corrective processes in other systems.

Dashboards and reports

Use drag and drop screens to create your own linked, context sensitive dashboards of line charts and bar charts, trending time-series data, dial and pie charts all mixed with data grids. Configure menus and buttons to open these dashboards in the context of other data you are looking at e.g. in the context of an individual subscriber / product / day. You can make these dashboards available over browsers or on mobile devices or even embed your charts into templated spreadsheets for PhixFlow to email as soon as the data is available.


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