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Energy & utilities

Accurate data modelling and price re-rating

Customers like Centrica choose PhixFlow to help them integrate legacy systems and get a bird's eye view on their services. With regulatory compliance demanding pin sharp accuracy - and severe penalties for errors - they need a watertight solution that won't let them down.

Energy and utilities

Challenges in the energy and utilities market

Many Energy and Utility companies have grown through merger and acquisition. They face the huge challenge of integrating many legacy systems. Generating an accurate, real time picture of all the services provided to a customer or, just as importantly, where additional services could be offered. With regulatory compliance demanding accuracy and severe penalties for errors or omissions the pressures on companies is growing. Factor in the need to be able to accurately model the impact of pricing changes, the ease with which a customer can switch provider and the challenges are clear to see.

What can PhixFlow provide?

PhixFlow provides a platform that will enable you to link multiple systems and create custom applications to replace spreadsheets and desktop databases using our drag and drop technology. Enable your customer care team with a full picture by linking your CRM, billing, provisioning and online systems. Through accurate data modelling and price re-rating calculate the impact of any tariff changes to the options offered. Extending the core systems to the remote teams to allow task information exchange, updated readings and customer information to be immediately recorded and used to update the main records increasing efficiency and reducing costs.


Calculate the impact changes in utility charges and feed in tariffs will have, reduce costs, reduce processing and increase margins

Legacy systems

Link your legacy, remote and office systems. Integrate your company acquisitions and partners to provide a seamless system

Customer care

Link your CRM, billing, and online systems through a single interface to provide an integrated customer view

Mobile operations

Enable your remote offices and mobile teams with accurate, real time information. Send out task lists, capture updates and smart meter readings directly.

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