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Government and public services

maintain security and stay within budget

Provide integrated, accurate information, maintain security and stay within heavily scrutinised budgets. Rapid analysis, deployment and re­use of existing capability through the PhixFlow platform makes this possible 


Challenges in Government and Public Services

Linking legacy systems, providing integrated, accurate information while maintaining security is a major challenge when budgets are under scrutiny. Like commercial organisations there are ever increasing pressures to provide more services, within a shorter timeframe with reduced budgets. Being able to bring data in from multiple sources to provide new intelligence and a more accurate picture of an individual or group is a valuable capability. With the increase in mobile working in the public sector the need to access corporate infrastructure in a secure and reliable way is a growing requirement. Integrating with a digital world and supporting an online population presents new challenges to a countries information transparency and data availability.

What can PhixFlow provide?

PhixFlow provides a platform that will enable you to link multiple systems and create custom applications to replace spreadsheets and desktop databases using our drag and drop technology. By building an accurate composite picture of individuals and group behaviour it becomes possible to better identify fraudulent claims and possible threats. Re­using existing infrastructure, extending its capability through new linked services and connections to other systems will reduce capital expenditure.

Legacy systems

Link your legacy, remote and office systems. Integrate existing systems with new capability and rapidly deploy to provide a seamless system

Customer care

Link your customer, patient, authorisation and online systems through a single interface to provide an integrated customer view

Fraud & Security

Respond rapidly to new threats, analyse data for patterns of behaviour. Ensure information is only accessed by those who have the right permissions


Enable your remote and field team with customer, system and policy information. Extend your central systems to your mobile workforce.

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