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Enable your mobile workforce

Put business functions where they are needed

Currently, many organisations don’t have the technology infrastructure to deliver business functions to their mobile workforce. The need is there since placing functionality at the point of delivery means more accurate, up-to-date information both on the road and in the office.

The problem is that often such solutions have historically been expensive to deliver with bespoke development over long periods creating solutions which are hard to change once they start being used in the field.

PhixFlow changes the model of how mobile applications are created. Building on our established framework for enabling office applications to be simply configured using drag and drop form design with menus, workflows and data processing, all integrated with your legacy systems, the same applications can be published as native smartphone apps.

PhixFlow solutions enable your mobile workforce

Apps in a day

Yes, this is an exaggeration. Most apps will take about two weeks to put together, the vast majority of time spent on working out where your data is and what business functionality is needed on the phone plus testing and adjustments. However, the mechanics of creating an app in PhixFlow really will take a day (or maybe a few days for more complex apps) and adjustments can be configured while sitting next to a nominated end user providing feedback. This means that apps to deliver business functionality where it is needed can now be created in PhixFlow much more quickly, at lower cost and with lower risk given the flexibility to allow rapid adjustments after rollout out to your wider mobile workforce.


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