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Enabling your customer care team with the full picture

Omnichannel sales and ever-demanding, tech-savvy customers mean our retail customers can never sit still. Tesco relies on PhixFlow to provide large customer care teams with an integrated returns process. It's critical they keep customer care front and centre at all times.

Industries - retail

Challenges in the retail market

The Retail market is seeing rapid evolution in many areas. Omnichannel sales and the growth of etailers are driving change across the board. Customers are expecting ever higher levels of customer service, rapid product delivery (collect, same day delivery as well as standard delivery options) and the best possible price. Consumers are more tech savvy than ever before with many buying through mobile devices and researching purchases prior to ordering. Ensuring stock levels are accurate, prices are consistent across all channels, customer care is front and centre in all aspects of your business together with the need to link in legacy systems are just some of the challenges many organisations are facing.

What can PhixFlow provide?

PhixFlow provides a platform that will enable you to link multiple systems and create custom applications to replace spreadsheets and desktop databases using our drag and drop technology. Enable your customer care team with a full picture by linking your CRM, order management, logistics and returns systems, no longer will customers hear the words “just one minute while I check on another system”. Reduce revenue leakage through the implementation of fraud analytics, prevent fraudulent activities and recover unbilled or incorrectly billed orders. Ensure there is an accurate delivery picture to improve customer satisfaction.

Customer Care

Link your CRM, ordering, billing, returns, online and instore systems through a single interface.


Connect with, update and monitor your suppliers, delivery partners and stock systems.

Partner Settlements

Validate settlements to ensure suppliers and partners are invoicing correctly. Ensure cancellations, returns and replacements are accurate.

Pricing & Labelling

Ensure your pricing and labelling is consistent across all sales channels. Model the impact of price changes.

Mobile operations

Enable your field team with logistics, pricing and stock information. Extend your central systems to your mobile workforce.

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