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Putting you in control

Design your applications to fit your processes

With PhixFlow you no longer need to twist your processes to fit an application

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Get exactly what you need

By giving you the power to design custom forms, menus & data processing, all integrated with your IT systems, your applications fit your processes exactly.

Rapid Delivery

The PhixFlow platform handles all the techy stuff. You just need to design the business logic using graphical modelling and spreadsheet–­like expressions.

Expert team

Our data and process experts are on hand to help. Getting you started with the first models and training you to build your own.


Replace repetitive, error-­prone manual tasks with an automated PhixFlow model

Say goodbye to repetitive, mistake-prone manual tasks and jumbled spreadsheets with dubious version control. Say hello to reliable, fully automated workflows that rocket your team’s efficiency and practically eliminate human error.

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Find and fix data problems

Constantly monitor your data to check for problems and then fix them.

Hone in on problems before they arise. Our platform removes the guess work from managing complex IT systems. Observe and control your operations with ease. Build your PhixFlow console to automatically read, check and compare data using configured rules, to find any type of problem, then fix it.

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Create new processes

Here are just a few examples of the many and varied applications configured in PhixFlow that are in use by our customers

Bank reconciliation

Automatically reconcile millions of customer invoices with bank statements and provide screens showing matched and unmatched transactions allowing controlled user overrides.

Billing Operations

Apply pre and post billing checks to ensure customers are invoiced correctly. Validate against CRM systems to ensure that customers do not get billed after account termination.

Online returns process

Gather all data relating to a customer order from online retail, warehouse, marketplace and parcel tracking systems and provide the customer care agent with order replacement options.

Re-rating telephone calls

Our telco customers have models which replicate the pricing logic of their billing systems to enable millions of business account calls to be repriced after late tariff changes.

Revenue assurance

Our scalable, model-­based approach enables PhixFlow to address any revenue leakage issue

Compare CRM and billing

Mismatches in CRM and Billing systems result in incorrect billing. PhixFlow is used to map millions of CRM details into expected billed products to enable corrections to be applied.

Check HLR records

PhixFlow is used to read bespoke binary HLR files detailing permitted subscriber services delivered over telecom networks and to check this against both billing and CRM data.

Credit monitoring

Subscribers on postpaid accounts can easily exceed credit limits. PhixFlow monitors call records and subscriber balances to warn when daily, weekly and monthly usage limits are exceeded.

Monitor unbillable calls

PhixFlow monitors unguidable calls for our telecoms customers and in many cases applies automatic corrections to the billing system e.g. modifies the service start date.

Fraud management

Respond rapidly to new threats with agile modeling in PhixFlow

Fraudulent activity shows up as patterns in your data which high volume PhixFlow models can monitor and detect. As fraudsters exploit new loopholes, PhixFlow’s agile modelling approach enables you to quickly respond to new threats and close them down as soon as they are detected.

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Mobilise your business

Make your office processes directly accessible from mobile devices

A unique feature of PhixFlow is that the platform supports drag and drop design of processes which can be used in both the office and as native applications on mobile devices. This gives your remote workforce direct access to back office functions and all the efficiencies that enables.

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Clear, accurate data is critical to businesses across a wide range of industries. Take a look at how we can help.

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